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Guidebook of First Command of the Capital PCC.

The Guidebook of the First Command of the Capital is mandatory for all those who have an interest in the faction, regardless of the level in which it is within the group or if it is outside the system if it belongs to the blood family of those who are inside the walls.

He runs the system through Whatsapp, messages, and is read in courtyards, cells, and meetings as a motivational program for group unity and to demonstrate that the First Command is the legitimate representative of resistance to an oppressive system that prevents insertion of the poorest.

The guidebook explains in detail how the organization works, and how its members should think and act. The Statute and the hornbook are two separate documents. The first is the Code of Right of the PCC, the second is the anti- discourse against an oppressive system and aims to explain and legitimize for its members and for society both the existence of the organization and its acts.

This document was studied by some professionals but I leave here for those who have interest the link of the work of the Postgraduate Program in Social Anthropology of the Federal University of São Carlos: "Ethnography in the Movement: Territory, Hierarchy, and Law in the PCC" de Karina Biondi.

As is to be expected in an oral culture, there are numerous variations, and with each new discovery a new universe and a new portrait of reality is presented, as shown in the hornbook found in Licorice and published in its entirety by the North Tribune .

The version that I present here is the magazine and updated in 2017 and circulates in groups of Whatsaap is a variation of the one divulged by the "general attunement of Mato Grosso do Sul".


Initially, the "attunement" that is to be transmitted to the "brothers" and "companions" should respectfully remind everyone that it is only through awareness that PEACE can be achieved, even within the walls, of the difficult environments and situations that faction soldiers And their families are.

Before beginning to read, you must remember that the families of those who are deprived of liberty must be presented to the hornbook, so that they are aware and support the struggle, that life in the prisoner is painful, and to overcome this moment the relatives should be next With conscience, only then will prisoners be able to

The "tuning" must remember that each one must read, analyze, and discuss the hornbook, so that there is a constant evolution of the understanding and the dissemination happens inside and outside each prison unit in all the Brazilian states and in the countries where the faction is presented.

For a Conscious Generation

What we seek for a better prison system are not perks but innovations, changes and rights as prisoners. Although the road leading to this reality is extremely long, arduous and difficult, no one can postpone the facts of this journey anymore.

The first step begins in raising awareness of our families who suffer from the inequities, inequalities and abandonment in which we live. Together we will fight for the fulfillment of justice and our rights, but for this we will need to be united and mobilized for the construction of a new tomorrow.

This is the evolution for a conscious generation, perfecting our shortcomings, supplying the lack of knowledge, massively supporting us in family 15.3.3 and our family of blood. Thus we overcome our difficulties and conquer what is ours by right.

Not even nuclear weapons can bring a solid and lasting PEACE without humanity facing social injustices. Where there is domination, there will always be a struggle for liberation and an end to oppression. Where there are violations of rights there will always be combat and resistance in the name of EQUALITY, hence the difficulty in maintaining a solid and lasting PEACE.

Therefore our conscious struggle, our motto is PEACE, JUSTICE, FREEDOM, EQUALITY, and UNION.

Original revised and corrected 2017.

It all started in prison in 1992 with the most barbarous, cruel, and cowardly act: the massacre of 111 detainees in Carandiru, by Military Police Officers under the command of the government and the Public Security Secretariat of the State of São Paulo.


Remembering and analyzing the before and the now is enough to know the meaning of this peace:

Previously it was the injustices and oppressions to which all prisoners were subjected by the security organs and the administration of the penitentiary system; The prisoners also faced violence, abuses, cowardice, mischief on the part of other prisoners, the law of the strongest, who could cry the least, rapes, robberies, extortions, unexplained deaths, beatings, and wars between gangs. Most of these abuses, conflicts and cowardice were generated as a result of drugs, the crack, but mainly because of ignorance and lack of awareness of the fight.

Before arriving in prison, apart from the injustices suffered by "Justice", the prisoner had to fight day by day for his own life and moral risking to kill or to die at any moment. Today through PEACE in jail, the knives were transformed into hooks for the escape, the crack was expressly forbidden in the prisons, the big tricksters prisoners who committed assaults, extortions, rapes, and conflicts were signed, sent to chains of insurance, or they are out Of the reach of the crime that runs in favor of right for sure.

This was one of our first developments in crime for all, and therefore the importance of PEACE and its significance in the Penitentiary System.


Justice is the fight in the fight for our rights, for our respect, for everything that in the crime is just and right. To fight for justice, is to commit ourselves to the conquest of our spaces, respecting to be respected. Always conscious in learning, in development, and in complete maturation: body, soul, and heart. Always aiming at our cause: the just fight that we believe and that we live.


Liberation from dominators, exploiters, and injustices. Freedom from the front door or the back door, and our main goal is what we all in a prison we crave day and night, gain freedom and being on the street we will fight not to lose it.


It already exists and would be much more spontaneous if the old guidelines aimed at idealism of the cause in favor of all for better days' conditions, but instead what they wanted was to take advantage of their loyalty for money for their own use, this greed and selfishness could only lead to a path, the division of thoughts and attitudes, how it could not be different or otherwise, the certain wins and prevails, and was the first part of this division, which the family created, and our main evolution for Crime in general also implanting as a motto the word.


It is the consolidated and spontaneous meaning of this Union that we have now conquered means the work of all. The Family working as a rotating gear of assistance and assistance to all, of protection for prisoners and relatives, and a knowledge for the fight and for the right and just crime, and it is this Equality that brought us this extraordinary union that so much strengthens us to Survival and overcoming.

Equality also means valuing human life in prison because it was through it that the right to speak and hear truth, wrong and lies was won, and even so that a life is taken only for reasons of serious nature, such as treason or pilanage.

For all this the motto of the First Command of the Capital is Peace, Justice, Freedom, Equality, and Union - PJLIU.


We do not have time for regrets and negative thoughts, these only serve to weaken our spirit, we have to persist and believe with determination and courage, because our struggle is fair and we have to move forward.

The most difficult moments are not to regret, but rather to strengthen, to overcome, and therefore persist and resist with strength, courage, dignity, manliness and conscience. Remembering that the fight is for everyone. The prisoner who acts contrary to this struggle can not be considered a warrior, or he corrects himself respecting everyone with truth and courage or will find his own ruin.

Without preparation the superiority is not really superiority, so there would be no initiative of its own and no creativity at the moment of crisis. Knowledge can overcome with intelligent actions and unexpected attitudes, surprising the enemy and winning, and therefore the importance of preparation, and awareness.

An army without culture is an army of the ignorant and can not defeat the enemy, and nothing is more important than the understanding, the support, and the loyalty that motivates in all circumstances, whether good or bad, easy or almost insurmountable. With these attitudes we will always be strengthening, but that these attitudes are spontaneous, one for all and all for one.


To achieve through our UNION, together with the support of our families, a humanized prison system that grants our rights in full. After conquering this part, we will fight for the rights of citizenship that will surely be the solution to all prison problems.

The fight for citizenship rights will cover the whole country or it will be a struggle that will start in São Paulo that will have the entire prison system of all states, but to get to this point, we have to move a whole preparation first, per hour We fight for the dignity, respect and rights of the prisoner and for a humanized system.


It is to conquer a humanized system in which we respect our rights as prisoners, we want revolution and changes with:

  • medical treatment of humans and not animals, with suitable medicines, competent professionals, dentists who do their job, and do not simply tear our teeth;
  • prisons without overcrowding, with work that gives us an opportunity for professionalization, without the exploitation that exists today;
  • serious vocational courses, with more time and quality for the classes, and recognition in the Teaching Department of diplomas after training;
  • internal and external judicial system with accompaniment of serious and responsible professionals to assist the prisoner and his family;
  • possibility of integration of other people besides our children, brothers, and wives, we have other loved ones who can help us in our rehabilitation, and reintegration into society;
  • the right serve the sentence near our house and our relatives; and
  • end of maltreatment, degrading, inhuman, humiliating, and cruel treatment by officials, directors, and police when making magazines.

When we win our claims, believe me, we will have a better chance of changing our lives with dignity and respect. With these achievements, other descalings and abandonments will also be automatically defeated. All of these changes directly affect our future because as professionals when we get out of prison we will have as our choice paths that will not take us back to criminality.

Inside the prisons with these changes have already begun. Humanization is already beginning there, states and authorities are obliged to supply our needs and respect our rights.

Crime works as an ever-increasing spin, comes and goes faster and more violently. All the efforts that the prisoner makes to recover are annulled by injustice, oppression, punishment, abuse, neglect, and injustice that reside in the prison system, only remaining to the prisoner when leaving to return to the world of crime.

Our relatives who equally suffer the same social injustices by the incarcerated prison system. The family that is there to help us and support because the Brazilian prison system only kills expectations for the future of the prisoner, suffers, and this suffering causes more revolt, more hate, and more violence.

This needs to change, we want respect for our rights, dignity as human beings, and chance of growth, maliciously managing to learn what we do not understand, we can destroy the old world and build a new world with perfection and awareness to become a humanized prison system .


Persons, authorities, and sectors who are directly responsible for giving the professions, conditions, aid and assistance to prisoners and do not cause the rights of prisoners to be respected.

Politicians who promote candidacies based on their discourse on crime and only build prisons as deposits of men, lying to society, saying they are putting an end to crime and solving the problem of overcrowding. They lie shamelessly: state governments, public security secretariats, penitentiary administrations, police and public prosecution services, DENARC, and GAECO.

Politicians who want vows attack us by promoting more injustice and oppression within the prisons, waiting for our reactions and revolt, they appear as saviors of the country, and always using the force and uncontrolled violence inside and outside the prisons to end the revolt they And then they use the power of the media against us, we need to learn urgently to fight the connotation and overcome the forms of strategies that the authorities use against us, so we will overcome them knowing their methods of acting.

Many of the arms that support us are in the Judiciary, through their intellectuality, their coherence, and their wisdom, they try to contain oppression and assert the rights of the prisoners, fighting the overcrowding of prisons by asserting justice for the poor and for The miserable, not only to the wealthy rich.

To the judiciary we ask for justice and respect for our directors, or do not you realize all these persecutions and injustices that we are suffering? That message has to be given within a judiciary.

Many exploit the detainee's work by taking advantage of cheap labor. We need working tools for our professionalization in a responsible and efficient way. A prisoner stays decades inside the Prison System and when he leaves he does not even have a profession, he does not have a study, he has nothing, how will he compete in the labor market?

The doors close to the one leaving the system, what we have left is the crime again, that has to change. We must demand working conditions and human growth better, if we must fight for these changes, believe the struggle will be fair and valuable do not regret, resist and persist.


These are the oppressors who lie and exploit through the media, provoke and persecute us and our families, are these people who have the power to change the broken and inhuman prison system, but do nothing for greed and personal interests because they profit from Violence is by power, or by money:

  • Secretaries of Penitentiary Administration,
  • to Secretaries of Public Security,
  • the state governors,
  • the public prosecutor,
  • the judiciary,
  • the executives of the companies that operate our service, and the
  • the directions of the prisons.

They are the ones most responsible for the increase in crime, which with their lies and articulations have taken the prison system and public security to the chaos we are experiencing today.

Clarity to our goal, that the goals activate the conscience of all, we do not want perks but a humanized system for a better future for the whole society, because our families, our children, as well as the families and children of all those who are out Depends on respect for our rights.

But our sacrifices are for the awareness of our struggle, and that has the meaning of everything we fight for and believe that this meaning is by the most beautiful proof of love, freedom, courage and belief in the struggle.


Bet and believe in the improvement and awareness to reduce the losses in the struggles, to overcome seek to study, seek knowledge and especially seek to learn this new change, this new age.

Accompany the exchanges of political positions: who are these authorities, governments, secretaries of security, prison administration. Always be aware of their policy because they are those directly responsible for the penitentiary system. Expose our difficulties and we will conquer our rights as prisoners using the same weapons they use against us.

Advertising, publicity, the media we will massively express to society, show this forgotten side, in the scene of so many injustices and violence.


Through this union that is already achieved the most powerful weapon and that we have is through our families, together with the awareness we become stronger, although in the long term I affirm, that we achieve everything we want and want, we will massively join with Our families trying in every way to show society the reasons we fight and the reason for our struggle, what we want, and only then will we get the support and sympathy of the society that interests us very much and we care.

We need to make them understand that we are not the monsters that the media purposefully divulge, make everyone aware that we are used and that we want to conquer our rights only and be treated as human beings so we must also understand that for this advertising and disclosure to have effects, We must unite so that society understands our motives and supports us, charging the authorities and the government with provenances and the end of this broken and apprehensive prison system.

Let's follow the educational, informational, cultural TVs and debates. We will get several names and addresses, the family can also help us to send letters with explanatory texts, our motives what we want to count conscious, and only follow this hornbook as a base, from this the creativity is infinite, but following a line of messages Positive results.

Let our letters be spread by visits and by society, we can also write to various personalities, artists, writers, journalists, players, doctors, sociologists, psychologists, businessmen, colleges, schools, international agencies, consulates, embassies of democratic countries, but All this will be done with democratic determinations and awareness of our needs and for our messages and letters to be accepted, and understood.

We have to send letters telling examples to get space on the radios, and on the television stations. Each of the possible bodies, OAB, pastoral prison, UN, human rights, and the summit that belongs to the "MV Bill."

We will have a great chance to change this story.

The unions of penitentiary agents, employees in commerce, services, and industries may also be aware of our struggle, which is not against society but against the system that oppresses them as much as oppresses ourselves.

Our family should behave with consistency and personality, can not tarnish our image while having to expose itself to the maximum, every day and everywhere. Our place is not in the hidden shadows of society, but next to it.

All means of communication should be used: text by manifest, written banners, social networks, but never forget that the messages have to be educational, showing what the book is teaching we have to show society the problems we live


Following this informative and educational letter, we will reflect and analyze what we have achieved through this struggle, and if we unite in this purpose we will have good results, in the written and magazines journals as an awareness of a humanized system, and that respect our rights as prisoners, Giving us the opportunity for human growth, we will have a beautiful and deserved history, because with these renovations and changes, we can consciously choose other paths for our lives and we will be happy together with our families, after the conquest of the humanized system continues the struggle for citizenship .

Analyze and reflect on these two small words: PERSIST and RESIST.

In them lies the greatness of our struggle and the importance of winning, even if they are sacrifices, to resist and fight with courage, loyalty and determination, union and conscience.

That from this new era, seek more knowledge and learning, understanding to understand our problems, mainly to overcome them, fighting everyone equally consciously and responsibly.

DARING, FIGHTING AND WINNING. Awareness raising marriage and family.

Together we will win. - prison population of the country.


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Dicionário - Regimento Disciplinar PCC

Este dicionário é uma ferramenta de extrema importância na condução e na preparação de novos líderes. Deve-se analisar com muita prudência um item antes de aplicar, pois o intuito é facilitar as condições e nas aplicações dos itens, conforme análise da Sintonia.

Dicionário do PCC atualizado → ۞
Dicionário do PCC em Espanhol → ۞
Dicionário do PCC em Inglês → ۞
1. Ato de Talarico:
Quando o envolvido tenta induzir a companheira de outro e não é correspondido, usa de meios como, mensagens, ligações, ou gestos.
Punição: exclusão sem retorno, fica a cobrança a critério do prejudicado e é analisado pela Sintonia.

2. Ato de Esperteza:
Quando usa de má fé ou abusa da confiança depositada, se parece com ratinagem, muda que o prejudicado confia e acaba sendo lesado.
Punição: exclusão sem retorno, cobrança a ser analisada.

3. Ato de malandrismo:
É caracterizado quando usa de pressão psicológica, força física para subtrair algo de alguém, ou quando usa de força ou poder para agredir fisicamente ou verb…